Dr. Tatsiana Rakovich

Tatsiana obtained her PhD from Trinity College Dublin in Biochemistry, in the area of tRNA modification with Prof. Vincent Kelly in 2011.  She undertook her first postdoctoral position with Prof. Yuri Volkov (2010-2014) in the Nanomedicine group in St. James’s Hospital, Trinity College Dublin. While there, she was involved in NAMDIATREAM (Nanotechnological toolkits for multi-modal disease diagnostics and treatment monitoring) project, funded under the EU 7th Framework Platform as a part of collaborative and multidisciplinary effort.  Tatsiana was involved in the development of nanotechnology for early detection and imaging of molecular biomarkers of the three most common cancer types (lung, breast and prostate), as well as for a lower threshold identification of the onset of early-stage malignancies with the use of innovative technology, such as “lab-on-a-wire” nanodevices.  For her next postdoctoral position Tatsiana worked with Prof. Gerry McElvaney in the Respiratory group in Beaumont Hospital, RCSI; where she investigated alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency disorders (2014-2015). In 2016, Tatsiana started working as a postdoctoral Research Fellow with Prof. Ursula Fearon in the Department of Molecular Rheumatology, Trinity College Dublin. Her research interests include examination of immune infiltration of macrophage cells, characterisation of macrophage phenotype and angiogenic profiling of these cells. Tatsiana is an active member of a network of young researchers in the field of Rheumatology from EULAR (European League Against Rheumatism) and the European Rheumatology Network – EMEUNET. In addition, Tatsiana successfully completed a Postgraduate Certification of Biopharmaceutical Science (Level 9) and is currently completing a B.A. (Hons) in Business with Project Management.

Contact: rakovict@gmail.com

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