JCI Paper Publication!

Mary - for notice board

New Horizons 2018


Congratulations to Megan Hanlon for winning best short scientific presentation and to the runners up Dr. Sarah Wade and Dr. Viviana Marzaioli. Well done ladies!

New Horzions 2018
Left to Right; Dr Trudy McGarry, Prof Douglas Veale, Prof Ellen Gravelese, Prof Ursula Fearon and Prof Pierre Miossec


NH 2
Left to Right; Prof Georg Schett, Prof Paul Emery, Prof Pierre Miossec, Prof Alfred Mahr, Prof Leonard Calabrese and Prof Jonathan Kay
NH 3
Left to Right; Dr Andreea Petrasca, Prof Kevin Winthrop, Prof Ursula Fearon, Dr Sandy Fraser, Ms Megan Hanlon and Prof Ronan Mullan


NH 4
New Horizon Attendees 2018


NH 5
Horizon Attendees 2018

ACR 2018


Dr. Trudy McGarry, Dr. Viviana Marzaioli, Megan Hanlon and Dr. Sarah Wade representing the Fearon Group in Chicago (ACR 2018)!

ISR 2018

Huge congratulations to Dr Sarah Wade PhD for being awarded Young Investigator of the Year 2018, Dr Charlene Foley MD for winning best scientific presentation and Dr Candice Lowe MD for best poster.

Translational Medicine Symposium

 by Prof. Peter Doran, Director of Research, S.V.H.G

Congratulations to Dr. Sarah Wade (represented by Dr. Viviana Marzaioli) for coming second in the poster prize and also to Megan Hanlon for being awarded the best talk. Well done ladies!!


Dr. Tanya Rakovich, Megan Hanlon, Dr. Viviana Marzaioli, Dr. Sharon Ansboro and Dr. Achilleas Floudas reprsenting the Fearon group at the UCD SVHG TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE SYMPOSIUM.

OMERACT Meeting Australia 2018

Prof Doug Veale representing the Centre for Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases (https://arthritissvuh.com/) and Molecular Rheumatology at Synovial Tissue SIG, Australia.


EULAR Immunology Workshop 2018

Lab Paintballing

A Visit from Prof. Josef Dulak


Professor Jósef Dulak from the Department of Medical Biotechnology, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Heme oxygenase-1 and microRNAs in heart and skeletal muscle repair and regeneration

IMG_2611 Professor Josef Dulak with Dr Monika Biniecka and Prof Ursula Fearon, Molecular Rheumatology, Trinity Biomedical Sciences

PhD Transfer Submission – half way there!!!

Megan - Transfer Submission 2018Congratulations to Megan Hanlon for the submission of her PhD transfer. Wishing you every success on the final stretch!!

New Horizons 2018

Annemarie Carrigan%2c Patrick Kelly%2c Kate Barton%2c President%2c Doug Veale%2c Trudy McGarry%2c Ursula Fearon (2) (1).jpg

Annemarie Carrigan, Dr. Patrick Kelly, Kate Barton, UCD President Andrew Deeks, Prof. Doug Veale, Dr. Trudy McGarry and Prof. Ursula Fearon at the annual Newman Fellows Dinner 2018


Newman Fellow Dr. Trudy McGarry with Dr. Paddy Kelly (Novartis) and Prof. Ursula Fearon (TCD) at the annual Newman Fellows Dinner, RDS, Dublin.

Thesis Submission!

Sian Thesis

Huge congratulations to Sian Cregan for submitting her Masters thesis!!


Richard’s Viva Day


Congratulations Dr. Conway!