Upcoming Events

Patients Awareness Initiative Workshops

The first of 8 National worshops will take place in TBSI TCD Sept 30th, lead by the Molecular Rheumatology group, in collaboration with Arthritis Ireland and the HRB.

The aim of the workshop is to provide opportunities for people living with RA to understand the importance of early diagnosis, the different treatment strategies and how to get involved in research.

  • The Workshop will be jointly facilitated by a clinician, a scientific researcher and a patient partner
  • Initially attendees will be asked to complete a ‘questionnaire’ which will address patient’s understanding of their disease.
  • Following this there will be three presentations which will cover:
    1. How the diagnosis for patients with inflammatory arthritis is made and what tests are performed, the current therapies available, including how they work, and the associated risks and side effects.
    2. The patients’ perspective, the patient partner, will give a presentation on their journey.
    3. Current research both clinical and scientific, and how patient participation in research can lead to better understanding of disease. This will also outline how patients can engage in the research programme.

More workshops to come!

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