Dr. Sharon Ansboro

Sharon obtained her PhD in Regenerative Medicine from NUI Galway under the supervision of Dr. Mary Murphy. During her PhD, Sharon was successful in obtaining a Fulbright Scholarship and Osteoarthritis Research Society International Scholarship which enabled her to carry out a 9 month research placement at the Center for Musculoskeletal Research, University of Rochester, New York. In 2015 Sharon was awarded her PhD and undertook her first Postdoctoral position in the Arthritis and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory at the University of Aberdeen. Since 2017, Sharon has been working as a postdoctoral Research Fellow with Prof. Ursula Fearon in the Department of Molecular Rheumatology, Trinity College Dublin. Her current research interests focus on characterizing synovial fibroblast cell metabolism and determining the role of metabolism during the process of inflammatory arthritis.

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