Dr. Achilleas Floudas

Achilleas obtained his Ptyxio (BSc+ Diploma) in molecular Biology by the University of Crete, Greece in 2010. In the same year Achilleas received a PhD studentship by the Institute of Molecular Medicine of Newcastle University, UK. During this time he worked on the role of B cells in the liver autoimmune disease Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC) using murine models of disease and human samples while advising on the first clinical study for the use of B cell depletion in the treatment of PBC. In 2014 Achilleas was awarded his PhD titled: “Direct and indirect effector function of B cells in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis” followed by his recruitment to the Translational immunology and parasitology lab in trinity college Dublin. Within a year Achilleas was instrumental in the characterization of a novel regulatory B cell population and was subsequently awarded a 2-year Irish Research Council postdoctoral fellowship to work on Atopic dermatitis. His research has highlighted a previously unappreciated role of IL-17 family cytokines in protecting from skin inflammation and was awarded several travel grants to present his work at international conferences.

In 2017 Achilleas joined the Molecular Rheumatology Group. His research is highly collaborative and patient centric. He has developed novel ex vivo experimental models including 3D-cell culture systems and Fluorescent Lifetime Imaging Microscopy in collaboration with the bioengineering department in order to simulate the environment of the inflamed joint. Importantly, Achilleas has developed his bioinformatic and programming skills by analysing bulk and single cell RNA sequencing data in order to construct the first complete cell atlas of the inflamed synovial tissue. Achilleas received the CARD postdoctoral innovation award in 2020 and was recognised as Senior Research Fellow by Trinity College Dublin in 2021. Has made substantial contributions to patient and public engagement and has authored 5 first author publications, several co-author and received 2 presentation awards and 7 travel awards to date, during his time in the Molecular Rheumatology Department.

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