Dr. Viviana Marzaioli

photo Viv

Viviana was awarded her PhD in 2011 from University College Dublin (Conway Institute of Molecular & Biomedical Research), in the area of inflammation and immunology, under the supervision of Prof. Evelyn Murphy. She undertook her first postdoctoral position at the Center for Allergy and Environment in Munich, Germany, elucidating the inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties of silica nanoparticles in a murine model of asthma. In 2013 she started a senior postdoctoral position at the Center for Research on Inflammation at the INSERM of Paris, France, investigating the role of NADPH oxidase on inflammatory monocyte-derived dendritic cells differentiation, under the supervision of Dr. Jamel El-Benna. In 2017 she was appointed a Research Fellow position with Prof. Ursula Fearon, in the department of Molecular Rheumatology in Trinity College Dublin, elucidating the mechanism of action of Tofacitinib in dendritic cell development and T cell function in psoriatic arthritis. Her research interests include the understanding of the signalling pathway alterations during acute and chronic inflammatory disease, in order to identify novel specific target for drug therapy.

Contact: marzaiov@tcd.ie